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GsWeb GS Web is the brand name for the net-type children’s rides manufactured by Shin Heung Eng Co..

Shin Heung Eng Co. specializes in the construction of cable-supported pedestrian bridges. We have produced fun and exciting children’s rides that are safe and reliable, by adapting the technology acquired and developed through the production and construction processes of bridge cables. 

The GS Web refers to the web made by the garden spider. Inspired by and designed according to the shapes and attributes of a spider’s web, we chose this name for our children’s rides. Just as the web woven by a spider is so stable in its geometric structure, GS Web’s play rope equipment provides the most stable and safest environment for children to play in. 

The GS Web products are designed basically by using the concept of the web shape made by a spider and the elasticity of nylon coated wire ropes. With the geometrical structure and elasticity contained in a spider’s web, it attracts many children and allows them to play in a safe and creative way. 
Lappset Lappset is an expert in play, known for its persistent and unprejudiced approach to developing new innovations. We want to bring the joy of play to people of all ages.

Our story began in northern Finnish Lapland, over forty years ago. Antero Ikäheimo began to develop an idea of a warmer and softer-looking play environment, which gave him the grounds to establish Lappset in 1970. He wanted children to have wooden toys – not just the metallic carousels and climbing frames that were fashionable at the time. He wanted to create a new kind of a play environment where children could climb about and have fun with the equipment independently, which would give them more strength and help them to develop their sense of balance at the same time. Nevertheless, Antero also wanted to make the equipment fun so that getting exercise would literally be child’s play.