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Welcome to Miracle Recreation Equipment

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WA Owned and Operated for more than 48 Years

Welcome to
Miracle Recreation Equipment

At Miracle Recreation Equipment we are passionate about designing, manufacturing and creating safe and fun outdoor spaces that enhance the outdoor experience for communities across the country. With nearly 50 years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for delivering high-quality, durable and innovative playground and park furniture products that meet the needs of our clients. Our team of skilled designers and craftsmen work closely with our clients to create custom solutions that meet their unique requirements. Our commitment to using only the best materials and adhering to strict manufacturing standards is reflected in the durability and longevity of our products.

We take great pride in offering a diverse range of products that cater to the needs of all ages and abilities, and we are always looking for new and creative ways to enhance the play experience for children and families. Our extensive product range, which includes everything from swings and slides to benches stables and shelters, are designed to meet the needs of any park or playground

Our team of experts are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that every project is completed on time and on budget. At Miracle Recreation Equipment we believe that everyone deserves a safe, fun, and memorable play experience, and we are honoured to play an essential role in building strong and vibrant communities.


Miracle Recreation Equipment are proud to announce that we have been appointed as a WALGA preferred suppliers for the Design, Supply and Installation of Playground Equipment, Shade Sails and Structures and Park Furniture for Local Governments throughout Western Australia.

The WALGA preferred supplier arrangement conforms to the requirements of the Local Government Regulations and eliminates the need to call for tenders when considering the installation of your new equipment.


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