Maintenance & Spare Parts

Maintenance and Spare Parts for your playground equipment

Playground Inspection & Maintenance

Maintenance & Spare Parts. Inspecting and maintaining your playground is very important, not only to guarantee longevity, but to ensure that the equipment is safe and compliant to Australian Standards. Our playgrounds are designed for commercial use and come with a 20 year structural warranty, but like all playgrounds they require regular maintenance checks, especially the playground’s wear items (swing seats, bearings, moving items and chains etc)

All playground equipment purchased comes with an installation and maintenance pack. This pack contains Warranty details, maintenance information, customised working drawings of your playground items and a break down of each component to assist with the possible need of spare parts in the future.

At Miracle Recreation, we can provide you with a maintenance program in the form of either a one-off review or a set of scheduled inspections, depending on your needs. These inspections are carried out by a qualified auditor who will provide you with a thorough post inspection report detailing any compliance or safety issues found and recommendations for making repairs. This report identifies items that may need immediate attention and items that may require future maintenance.

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