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GS Web is the brand name for the net-type children’s rides manufactured by Shin Heung Eng Co..

Shin Heung Eng Co. specializes in the construction of cable-supported pedestrian bridges. We have produced fun and exciting children’s rides that are safe and reliable, by adapting the technology acquired and developed through the production and construction processes of bridge cables.

The GS Web refers to the web made by the garden spider. Inspired by and designed according to the shapes and attributes of a spider’s web, we chose this name for our children’s rides. Just as the web woven by a spider is so stable in its geometric structure, GS Web’s play rope equipment provides the most stable and safest environment for children to play in.

The GS Web products are designed basically by using the concept of the web shape made by a spider and the elasticity of nylon coated wire ropes. With the geometrical structure and elasticity contained in a spider’s web, it attracts many children and allows them to play in a safe and creative way.

All the Tiptiptap products are safe for children and meet the safety requirements. This is a top priority for Tiptiptap. Today Tiptiptap mainly exports it's products to Europe but also Asia and Africa and the Arab Countries.The constantly expanding product series allows them to offer suitable attractions to the countries of different climate and culture.

Our job is to raise the average level of joy in the world, one person at a time. Everyone is a mover, regardless of age. The joy of movement does not ask for age, and this is how we also support the active lifestyle of our people. Within more than 15 years, this local family business has grown from a playground manufacturer to a provider of a comprehensive movement experience.

For over 30 years Gottardo’s portfolio has been established through innovation and experience – we have been manufacturing playground equipment and urban furnishings for the past 30 years.

Throughout these years we have built a reputation for providing stylish, strong and low maintenance equipment, which is not only attractive, but also functional and most of all durable. This, together with a complete after sales service, makes us a truly reliable equipment provider.

Safety is a top priority for us and all our equipment conforms to the European Play Ground Safety Standard EN 1176. Our whole production system, from design to production and after-sales service is ISO9001 certified to ensure a high standard of quality.

All our equipment is proudly in-house designed and manufactured totally in Italy.

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