Catalina Beach Estate - Mindarie

Located in the Northern Coastal suburb of Mindarie, 35 minutes North of the City

This 8m tall Lighthouse is part of a playspace designed for families with children of all ages to visit. The light house has 2 Tube slides from different deck which gives the kids an exhilarating ride from the heights of the lighthouse, both have clear panels which allow you to see the fun in motion. Near to the top of the tower a mesh climbing tunnel extends out of one deck up to another for those who are up for the challenge. The top deck gives great views of the ocean and the surrounding suburbs.

While the height may be a standout feature for the older kids, there is also a double wave slide from a lower deck which the younger kids can still enjoy. Themed concrete culverts step up to the rope bridge for an alternative access point to the lighthouse.

Location: WA

Site Address: Catalina Beach Estate, Mindarie

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