Windjammer Park - Jindalee WA

Windjammer Park is located in the coastal suburb of Jindalee, approximately 45km north of Perth.

As part of the City of Wanneroo's 19/20 Asset Renewal program, our proposal was successful and works began on site, which included the removal of the existing playground and softfall.

Using mostly our International provider Tip Tip Tap's quality products we were able to create the perfect nautical themed design to fit the area.  The items used in this design were a customised Pirate ship displaying the City of Wanneroo logo and the park name, a Tug Boat, Rocking and Spinning activities, Musical items for sensory and interactive play and a Miracle Single Posted Double Swing.

To complete the play space, a new shade post and sail system was installed to provide maximum coverage over the playground below. To fit with the theme, Royal Blue was the colour chosen for the shade sails which ties in nicely, giving the appearance of waves on the ocean. 


Location: WA

Site Address: Windjammer Park, Jindalee

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